Therapeutic Day Treatment (TDT) is an intensive in-school program for children and adolescents having difficulty managing their socioemotional and/or behavioral problems to the degree that they are in danger of academic failures, repeated suspensions or expulsions, alternative school placements, judicial system involvement, or hurting themselves and/or others. In TDT, there are counselors assigned to certain schools and to follow their caseload of students. The treatment involves initial and ongoing assessments of mental health problems and associated interventions and recommendations, collaboration with family members and/or teachers, individual and group counseling, resource linking, and crisis stabilization. These services are available in elementary, middle, and high schools. Treatment goals include (but are not limited to) improving self-control, coping skills, self-understanding, social skills, patience, medication compliance, and mood and overall stability. Students referred to this program generally struggle with compliance with rules and authority figures, aggression, self-control and maintaining attention, and with issues related to depression and/or anxiety. Some students also struggle with issues of substance abuse.