• We are Compasión. Your Ray of Hope.
  • Offering Numerous Community-Based Services
  • Preserving Family Unity
Welcome to Compasión. We want to empower the community by empowering the family by empowering the individual.

Our Goal

Our Goal is simple. We want to empower the community by empowering the family by empowering the individual. We are dedicated to ongoing assessment of the community’s needs and finding ways to address these. Our broad goal is to keep families together and keep people in their communities and out of hospitals, prisons, and residential placements. Through our work, we address mental health, educational, occupational, and financial needs in order to help individuals stay safe and successfully live out their potentials.

Our Vision

We envision a community in which there is no stigma, no lack of resources, and no barriers to mental health care; where recovery from and/or successful management of mental illnesses is not only possible but highly probable; and individuals with mental health problems live satisfying, hopeful, and productive lives.

Our Mission

Compasión, LLC is dedicated to providing the highest level of care through appropriate and effective behavioral health services. These services are coordinated with individuals’ needs and preferences thereby promoting clients’ rights, responsibilities, rehabilitation, and recovery. We provide evaluation, counseling, training and support, advocacy, and education to individuals and their families whose lives are affected by mental health issues. We also strive to empower all clients to effectively use internal and external resources to achieve positive outcomes. Our services are offered in the community where they are needed, such as in schools or homes, and are comprehensive, person-centered, family-driven, solution-focused, and culturally competent.